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Bisque is our business We eat, sleep and drink Bisque. Try out Blue Label - Beauty, performance and Strength
BI carries bunches of bisque bowls. We have a bowl for everyone!

Plates are essential for all studios. BI has a great selection of bisque plates in all shapes and sizes!

Serve everything from BBQ and burgers to cupcakes and cookies our on our ceramic platters!

Mugs, Cups & More
Mugs, Cups and More, oh my! Let us wow you with our selection of traditional to themed mugs, cups and more!

A collection of BI collections! We are always making more sets -- so check back often here.

Everything you could ever want in your kitchen! Bisque shapes with both form and function.

An authentic line of bisque ware that is reminiscent of classic Italian style.

Frames & Such
Frames and postcard stands are some of the hottest items in a studio!

Very Popular Plaques for every occasion…

Home Accents
Home Decor is our business. Check out these great home decor bisque shapes.

Patio & Garden
Spruce up your garden with our ceramic flower pot sand planters.

Woot, Woot get your TILES here. Blue Label Tiles are the rage.

Pet Lover
Our pets love hand-painted pottery too! Give your pet the best - buy BI!

Boxes & Banks
Banks and Boxes are wanted by every person in the world.

Figurines over 3" tall -- large bisque figurines.

Camp & Party Bisque
Priced perfectly for parties, camps, and events for grown ups!

Lynn Adams Designs
Lynn Adams bisque designs bring a smile and encourage people to recognize their own beauty and creativity in a new way.

Time to decorate! Deck the halls, the walls, the trees… and employees with ornaments!

BI has a huge selection of Holiday Bisque - all types of Holidays. Sign up for our Holiday heads up…

Don't pass by our Tag-Alongs. These new shapes are revolutionalizing the bisque world!

Spell it out! With a variety of letters of different styles and sizes, you can really spell out what you are thinking!

Numbers & Symbols
Numbers and Symbols are as easy to use at 1-2-3!

Mighty Tots
We love our business and offering cute little fun bisque shapes like Mighty Tots is a hoot for us at Bisque Imports. We hope you like them as much as we do. Mighty Tots range in size from 2.5" to 3"

Tots are our new 3D mini figurines that are perfect for adding to your bisque pieces! Our tots are on average 1" tall.

Bisque Beads
BI has scores of bisque beads in all types of shapes and sizes.



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Office Bisque


New Bisque Items
Spruce up your shelves with new bisque ceramic shapes from Bisque Imports!